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D05.01 - Final action and research plans ( WP5 Task 1)

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UNIGIPPCS02 D05.01 D02.08 28NOV08 V01.00 by Emmanuel Muhr — last modified 28-11-2008 14:06
IMPORTANT NOTE : As a public deliverable this report has been also copied in the public part of the web site. ABSTRACT: This final research and action plan concisely summarizes the work realized within the frame of the DIABR-ACT project with two main objectives: - to list propositions with regard to amend and adjust ongoing eradication or containment measures, established by the EU directive (2000/29/EC and follow-ups) and - to propose a comprehensive overview on gaps in knowledge in western corn rootworm ecology and management aiming at broadening the control options for a sustainable management the western corn rootworm (WCR) in Europe. Implementation of these propositions addressed in the document will allow proposing funding directions needed to fully understand the ecology of WCR in Europe and to develop adjusted and improved control measures against WCR to be implemented at a regional scale.
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