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D03.03 - Draft of action plan (WP03 Task 1)

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ARVALISCO01 D03.03 31OCT08.v02.00 by Emmanuel Muhr — last modified 31-10-2008 16:51
IMPORTANT NOTE : As a public deliverable this report has been also copied in the public part of the web site. ASBTRACT: This report presents the synthesis of the work realized in the frame of WP03 in the objective to propose a draft of an Action Plan aiming at a sustainable management of the western corn rootworm (WCR) in Europe. The purpose was to propose adaptations to the current EC regulations according to various social, environmental, economical and technical characteristics encountered in the different European countries. This report is focused on actions including monitoring, eradication and containment in non-infested and low infested areas, respectively, and on actions in well established WCR population areas
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