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D01.26 Case studies on cultural control (WP1 Task 6.3)

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MSH10 D01.26 16NOV07 v01.00 by Emmanuel Muhr — last modified 19-11-2007 14:10
IMPORTANT NOTE : As a public deliverable this report has been also copied in the public part of the web site. ABSTRACT: Case studies deal with maize cultivation in two different regions of Europe. Lombardy (Northern Italy) has very favorable conditions for maize production; irrigation is possibility because water sources are available, allowing different planting times. In spite of the high ratio of continuous maize no economical damage was observed since 2003. On the other hand Csongrád county (Southern Hungary) has much less favorable economic conditions for maize production: irrigation is limited and crop rotation is the main management option against WCR; a reduced area of monoculture resulted in reduced population levels in the past years.
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